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Available Now. How to build a great organization with focused decision-making and outstanding financial success. Learn expert business planning strategies that support investment. 
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OPERATIONAL FOUNDATIONS TO SUPPORT BUSINESS GROWTHAvailable Now. Learn how to structure the core operations departments required to build and manage a company including finance, administration, sales, marketing and staffing as well production to grow a market-driven business someone will eventually buy.

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FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION- Date Pending. It is in the analytics that businesses are built. From forecasting to pricing models, learn how to develop processes that provide you with actionable information, identify risks and trends for great decision-making. 

HUMAN RESOURCES- Date Pending. This can be difficult and frustrating without proper training, policies and procedures, that begin with an astute org chart, role descriptions, contracts and retention strategies. Learn how to better prepare this critical piece of your growth puzzle. 

BUSINESS LAWDate Pending. Every company requires the interaction with legal talent to develop contracts with the various stakeholders it interacts with. This course provides the background information business owner need to understand basic contractual agreements and templates for engagements with customers, sub-contractors and employees.

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